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Fort Myers is the official seat of the county of Lee, Florida, in the United States, and is its central commercial city. Fort Myers is moderately populated and continues to grow somewhat rapidly, owing to several factors. Top of the list, Fort Myers is a popular tourist destination in Florida, and visitors are attracted to it from far and wide.

Fort Myers was established officially around early 1866 and was named after Colonel Abraham Myers, a key person throughout the American civil war that lasted close to four years, and the Confederate States Army general.
Thanks to its rapid growth, Fort Myers has today developed extensively and prides itself in the futuristic look of the city, even with a few of the ancient structures still intact. Being a gateway into the southwestern region of Florida, Fort Myers has gained much fame for its wondrous and magical nature associated with iconic landmarks like the Seminole Lodge and ‘The Mangoes.’ The Seminole Lodge was the winter residence for America’s greatest inventor, Thomas Alva Edison. ‘The Mangoes,’ on the other hand, was the winter home of one of America’s greatest businessman, industrialist, and sponsor, Henry Ford.

Other attractive landmarks throughout Fort Myers include the iconic Sydney and Berne Davis Art Museum, the ever-stunning Murphy-Burroughs House, and the vast Southwest Florida Museum of History.
Outdoor activities in Fort Myers range from taking educational trips into the many museums, art centers, and memorial spots in the city, to having fun in the many themed fun parks across town.

Visitors love to visit the many beautiful beaches near Fort Myers for numerous water activities ranging from swimming, scuba diving, ship cruising, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and snorkeling, among many others.